Yesim Yuksek Yesim Yuksek

Founder of Alef, jewelry designer and goldsmith Yesim Yuksek; is strongly characterized by the integrity among her collections despite searching continuously for genuine, innovative and timeless forms which has become the core attribute of her designs.

Yesim Yuksek’s passion for jewelry emerged during 80’s when she was a student at İstanbul University Law Faculty. Grand Bazaar is located right beside her faculty; generously presenting the Byzantine and Ottoman heritage of jewelry, shortly became the first “temple” on her “golden way” which she frequented quite often. Considering new opportunities and discoveries, she collaborated with many artists and fashion designers and prepared fashion accessory collections for Turkish brands.

During 90’s, she decided to focus on traditional jewelry and had 6 years of apprenticeship training from a senior master. During that challenging period, she discovered the mysteries of her profession; specifically creativity and concentration that requires extreme dedication and passion. Throughout her journey of becoming a master goldsmith, she has experienced melting gold and setting precious stones. Since then she has been working with gold, silver and precious stones to design jewelry and objects.

Since 2001, she has started lecturing workshops to selected students in the aim of transferring her know-how to the next generations.

Inspired by architecture, literature and journeys, Yesim Yuksek has always preserved the strong and genuine structure in her works. Influences of Middle Ages, Art-Deco and modern jewelry are observed together at her designs. Her two pieces named “Gothic Bride” and “Deco Bride” were exposed in “500 Wedding Rings” and “21stCentury Jewelry: The Best of the 500 Series” of Lark Books among the most significant 80 artists in the world consequently in 2007 and 2011.

Nowadays, in an inspiring city like İstanbul, in an area highly populated by art galleries and artists, Yesim Yuksek keeps designing and teaching at her atelier and presents her works under the brand name “Alef”.